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This is a live-action series of behind-the-scenes webisodes, hosted by Andi Gutierrez, a staffer at Lucasfilm. Each webisode involves interviews with various people involved in making the animated TV series Star Wars Rebels, and discusses elements of corresponding episodes of that series. (These webisodes are included as a bonus feature on the DVDs of the TV series.)

Star Wars Rebels shorts

Prior to the premiere of "Star Wars Rebels," there were four shorts (CGI, like the series) that were released online at,, and YouTube; as well as on TV, on Disney XD, from August 11 to September 1, 2014. I didn't see any of the shorts at the time, since I knew I wouldn't be able to watch the series. But when I got season one on DVD in 2019, I decided I should watch the shorts. (They're not on the season set DVDs, though I believe they're on the "Spark of Rebellion" DVD, which I don't have, so I watched them online. They're no longer on, but they're still on the other sites).

Caution: spoilers.

The Machine in the Ghost (3:10)
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The Ghost is being attacked by several TIE fighters. Hera is doing her best to pilot the ship, while Kanan is doing his best to shoot at the enemies. Meanwhile, they both send Chopper back and forth with various orders to fix the shield, and the comm, and tell things to each other. Hera and Kanan both seem annoyed at each other, and while we can't understand Chopper's speech, it seems pretty clear that he's annoyed at both of them, too. Of course, they eventually destroy all the enemy ships, and they all get back on friendly terms with one another. Anyway, it's all fairly amusing.

Art Attack (3:10)
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Sabine infiltrates a landing site full of TIE fighters. She tags at least one of them with what looked to me like an early version of a Rebel Alliance emblem. Meanwhile, she antagonizes a bunch of storm troopers who try and fail to blast her, as she's much too quick for them. Eventually she uses a bomb to destroy at least one TIE fighter. (It was the one that was tagged; I really couldn't tell if she tagged any others or destroyed any others with the explosion.) It was pretty fun.

Entanglement (3:10)
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Zeb is supposed to meet Kanan at a rendezvous point, but he goes to the wrong alley. He doesn't really have a chance to find the right alley, because he gets into a battle with a bunch of storm troopers. The whole time, he's communicating with Kanan, who gets increasingly annoyed. But Zeb's having a ton of fun.

Property of Ezra Bridger (3:10)
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(This episode's original title was "Not What You Think," and that still appears onscreen at the start of the YouTube video I watched, even though the final title- "Property of Ezra Bridger"- is what appears in the caption below the video and the title of the YouTube page itself. The new title appears onscreen in the copy of the video.)

Ezra witnesses a battle in the sky, and when a TIE fighter gets shot down, he goes to check it out, and apparently tries to help the pilot. However, the pilot wants no help, and just finds Ezra annoying. Of course, while pretending to help, Ezra manages to steal some Imperial tech, including a helmet. It was fairly amusing. Oh, and I guess this would be the first time we see Ezra use his energy slingshot.

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