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This series is a spin-off of Just Add Magic. A special episode of that series, called New Protectors, served as a backdoor pilot for this new series, and introduced current protectors Zoe, Leo, and Ish. (Well, Zoe was already known from the original series, but that episode was where she became a protector.)

So... there's this magical sourdough starter that was created in 1875, I guess, by the then-protectors of the cookbook, Ian Maddox and the Wesson brothers. The bread created with the starter had a seriously destructive downside, so Ian sought help from former protector Chuck, to destroy the starter. When that failed, Ian took the starter into the future to hide it. That was some years prior to the present, when the Wessons' descendants, Pierce Hamilton (James Urbaniak) and his kids, Cody and Lexi, are trying to find the starter. Things get a bit complicated because Lexi and Ish were best friends, and now they're rivals. Because the current protectors have to try to find the starter before the Hamiltons (whom they persist in calling the Wessons). And if they can get the starter, they'll then have to find a way to dispose of it. (Honestly, I'm not quite sure why no one ever just threw it in the trash, but whatevs.) Anyway, I enjoyed this series, but not as much as I did the original series. And it doesn't look likely for there to be a second season.

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