DC Kids, on YouTube
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I'm not sure when the DC Kids YouTube channel started, but I discovered it on April 28, 2017, because of a video that appeared in my YouTube subscriptions. I had been watching (and subscribing to) the webseries DC Super Hero Girls for over a year, when one day that channel featured an interview with a "Super Hero Girls" writer named Shea Fontana. She was interviewed by a girl named Analei T. Song, who was one of the co-hosts of a show on this channel, called "DC Kids Show." So, after watching the interview, I decided to check out that show, which was the main reason I started a page for the channel. But it does have some other series I've watched, including both original content and things that were first aired on TV (such as DC Nation shorts). Web originals that I've seen on the channel include:

Batman Unlimited
DC Kids Show
DC Super Friends
Justice League Action (webisodes)

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