Peacock Kids (formerly DreamWorks TV), on YouTube (see also Peacock)
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While Dreamworks Animation has had a channel on YouTube for a long time, basically to promote their movies, I think it was in 2014 that they first started producing actual webseries. (And I think it was in 2020 that the network changed its name to Peacock Kids.) It wasn't until some time in the late 2010s that I started watching any shows on the network, and I still haven't seen very many of them. The ones I have seen include:

Book Biscuit

Colossal Mysteries and Colossal Questions (I haven't reviewed these, and I only rarely watch episodes of either)

In My Little Pony Opinion (I haven't reviewed this, but I did enjoy it)

Junk Drawer Magical Adventures

Life Hacks for Kids

What They Got Right

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