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Okay, this is a website with (hopefully) funny short videos. It launched in January 2007. I have watched very few of the videos on the site. I'm sure there are tons of them I'd enjoy if I did watch them, but I probably won't ever bother with many. It's kind of random (and rare) that I become aware of anything on the site, so... here's just a list of the few things I've seen. (It's possible I've seen some things that I've completely forgotten about, but I should remember to add anything else I watch after starting this page in October 2014.) Also, at some point Amazon cobbled together some previously released FoD shorts for a webseries called Totally Real Movies Coming Soon.

(Before I started breaking up my web reviews into different categories or genres, I just had one index page that listed things as either "webseries" or "websites," and I wasn't sure which I should call this, but I went with "websites." Later, when I started making categories for webseries, I first thought I'd put this- and CollegeHumor- under "anthology." But I soon changed my mind, and listed both sites under "networks.")

Scary Girl (4:08; live-action)

From October 2011. This is the first thing I specifically recall watching on the site (though I had been aware of the site probably since 2007, and I very probably had watched something before this). I guess I discovered the video sometime in 2014 (maybe April), when I was working on my Creepy Kids in Pop Culture page. It stars Chloe Moretz, of whom I'm a fan from several things. In this video, she portrays a child actor who always plays creepy girls similar to Samara from The Ring (because that's what her character in the video is like in real life). Anyway, I found the video reasonably amusing.

Killer Falls Victim to Horror Cliches (4:55; live-action)

From January 2012. I watched this in 2017 after searching for "horror" on the site. The title pretty much tells you all you need to know. It's a really funny twist, I think, having the ridiculous things that normally work against victims work against the killer, instead.

Honest Scarecrow (2:11; animated)

From September 2013. This is a parody of the short film The Scarecrow, which itself is basically a nifty long-form ad for Chipotle restaurants. While I like the ad, I also really like how the parody cleverly points out the ad's hypocrisy and manipulativeness, and whatnot.

The Exorcism (4:06; live-action)

From October 2013. An exorcist encounters an old frenemy. I first saw this on YouTube in 2017, as an installment of Crypt TV.

Mary Poppins Quits (2:45; live-action)

From July 2014. I probably watched this right around the time it was released, but I don't actually remember how I discovered it... if someone linked to it on facebook, or I read about it in a magazine or some other website, or what. But anyway, it stars Kristen Bell, of whom I'm a fan from several things. Here, she plays Mary Poppins, in a musical indictment of America's sub-poverty line minimum wage. Seriously funny and serious social commentary. Nice.

Tiny Detectives (1:44; live-action)

From September 2014. I watched this in October 2014, because a friend linked to it on facebook (in September; I procrastinate). I guess it's sort of a parody of the HBO series True Detective, which I've never seen. The video features Ellen Page and Kata Mara. And um... the whole joke is that they're short. I didn't find it particularly funny or memorable, but I guess it was okay. You know, not a bad way to spend a couple of minutes. *shrug*

Mario and Peach Break Up Over GamerGate (1:55; live-action)

From November 2014. The title pretty much says it all. Anyway, I found it reasonably amusing, I guess.

Climate Change Denial Disorder (1:36; live-action)

From April 2015. Title says it all. Reasonably amusing.

The Shocking Truth About Planned Parenthood (2:19; live-action)

From August 2015. I guess there have been some bullshit anti-Planned Parenthood propaganda videos full of ridiculous lies. I haven't seen those videos. But just being aware of them makes this video funny. (It's strange how much comedy is used to spread truth, these days.)

Climate Change Deniers' Anthem (4:05; live-action)

From December 2015. A faux charity single type of song (ostensibly paid for by faux Koch brothers), with a bunch of celebrities singing about how climate change isn't real. It's pretty funny, and the song's actually not bad.

Holy Sh*t (You've Got To Vote) (3:08; live-action)

From November 2016. I saw this because Felicia Day posted a link to it on facebook, though her part in the video is pretty small. Really, everyone's part is pretty small. It's a whole bunch of celebrities (led by Rachel Bloom, with whom I'm not really familiar) singing a fake charity single type of song, encouraging people to vote in the upcoming election, because Donald Trump is so horrible. Anyway, it's a reasonably amusing video, I guess. And while I didn't know all the stars, a lot of them were familiar. And I totes agree with the message.

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