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What I read is that it was in 2010 that Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch started the YouTube channel FreddieW, which in 2013 was rebranded as RocketJump. (Although I noticed the RocketJump logo on vids from 2012.) Though if you check the channel, you can find videos that were uploaded as early as 2006. But I wasn't aware of the channel's existence until late 2014, when I first saw an ad for their webseries Video Game High School (which itself had been going on since 2012). Since then, I've seen a few webseries made by RocketJump, as well as a few random short films on their channel. And in early 2018, I decided it was finally time that I should start seriously watching some of their old shorts, and make a page where I list at least my favorites among them. In early 2020, I decided to make a page for RocketJump the channel, where I could list my various pages for different shows they have on YouTube.

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