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Niko and the Sword of Light, Amazon
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So, this 13-episode animated series is based on a digital comic book, which I haven't read. (But you can buy it here, I guess.) Also, there was a pilot that was released in 2015, but I never saw that. (The series was released in 2017, and I guess the first few episodes are a reimagined version of the pilot. But I can't compare the new version to the old.)

Hundreds of years ago, a sorcerer named Nar Est (Steve Blum) called upon the Darkness to give him power. He trapped the city of Carondolet and all its people within a small orb. And um, I kind of forget bits of the backstory, but there's this crystal that I guess was Carondolet's power source, or whatever, and now Nar Est has control of most of it. But there's also this crystalline chrysalis which is somewhere outside the orb. And I guess periodically a Champion is born from the chrysalis, and gets a shard of the crystal which can manifest as a weapon of light, to try to fight the Darkness, and defeat Nar Est. Unfortunately, over the centuries several champions have tried and failed. Each one has been guided by a princess of Carondolet named Lyra (Kari Wahlgren), who only leaves her city in a ghostly form. When this series begins, a small creature named Mandok (Tom Kenny) unwittingly releases the latest champion from the chrysalis prematurely, so he hasn't had time to grow into an adult. However, this young boy, Niko, is very brave and good, and determined to defeat Nar Est. Which he'd better succeed at, because he will be the last champion. (His shard manifests as a sword, but we eventually learn that each champion has had their own type of weapon.)

So... Lyra does her best to guide the eager young champion. After a couple of episodes, she ends up joining Niko in her actual, physical body, instead of just in spirit. The two of them are also accompanied by Mandok, who isn't entirely trustworthy. And they meet a sort of bug named Flicker (Dee Bradley Baker), who doesn't speak, but is quite friendly. Over the course of the series, Flicker will metamorphose several times, each time growing larger. And um... Nar Est has a crow named Rasper (also voiced by Blum), who is his main minion. But also, Nar Est can send shadow things out into the world to possess various creatures, making them grow large and fearsome, to attack Niko and his friends. But Niko's sword has various energy attacks, one of which dispels the darkness from such creatures, and returns them to their original form. And... throughout the series, the heroes make their way across the land, towards Nar Est's volcano lair. Along the way, they meet all sorts of other creatures who become friends. (Apparently the people of Carondolet are the only humans left in the world, but there are plenty of other sentient species.) So, every episode is an adventure, but of course it's all leading up to the final battle with Nar Est... which turns out to be pretty epic.

Well, I don't suppose I need to say any more about the plot. So I'll just say that I found the show a lot of fun. I like the animation, and the characters, and the humor, and the battles, and all the stories. It gets pretty weird, in a lot of interesting ways. I'd say the show is kind of like if you put Samurai Jack, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Inuyasha, and Adventure Time in a blender. They make a surprisingly good smoothie.

Oh yeah, and I also wanted to say I always love it when Lyra says "Havoc!"

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