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Noelle (G), on Disney+
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This came out in November 2019, but I didn't see it until 2021 (on New Year's Day). I didn't like it as much as I'd hoped I would, but it was okay.

So, Anna Kendrick plays Noelle Kringle, the daughter of Santa Claus. And since her father recently passed away, this will be the first Christmas that Noelle's brother, Nick (Bill Hader), takes over as the new Santa Claus. But even though he's been training for the job since he was a kid, he's still not very skilled at it, which is stressing him out a lot. Noelle suggests he take a weekend off to go somewhere and relax, but he ends up not returning from his vacation. So their cousin, Gabe, who's in charge of the North Pole's tech department, is made the new Santa Claus, and no one really likes the changes he decides to implement. So Noelle takes the sleigh and reindeer to go look for him, along with an elf named Polly (Shirley MacLaine). Unfortunately, Noelle doesn't know much about how anything is done, away from the North Pole. But she meets various helpful people, including a private investigator named Jake Hapman, who ends up finding Nick. Unfortunately, Nick says he doesn't want to go back home, because he likes the new life he's started in Phoenix, as a yoga instructor. Yeah. Meanwhile, Noelle helps Jake bond with his son, Alex, which is complicated because Alex's parents are divorced, and Jake doesn't expect to get to spend Christmas with his son. And eventually Noelle gets herself in trouble with the law, so Jake has to help her out.

And I guess I don't want to reveal how the movie ends, but I found it entirely predictable... which didn't stop me from liking it. Yeah, the end was definitely better than most of the movie, which was rather corny. Anyway, I'm glad to have watched it. Oh yeah, and there was a CGI baby reindeer named Snow Cone, who was also helpful.

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