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Anna Akana, on YouTube
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So like, Anna's channel started in 2012, but I didn't discover it until 2017. It's kind of like a vlog, basically, but the scenes of Anna directly addressing the audience are frequently intercut with what I might call micro-sketches. Or something. I dunno. And she usually plays all the characters. It's weird, but it's cool. And she's really funny. And insightful. And awesome. (Her videos usually end with her saying "Stay awesome, Gotham," which I think is about the best tagline ever.) And sometimes there are short films she's made (which are probably better than the ratings I give them would suggest). And then there was this podcast she was cohosting with Brad Gage, called "Explain Things to Me." And, yeah, I don't really know what else to say. She's just awesome.

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