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WatchMojo & MsMojo, on YouTube
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WatchMojo started in 2006, and since then they've created a few subchannels, including MsMojo in 2015 or 2016. I discovered both channels in 2023, by which time they had thousands of videos. I went back and watched a few of them, but I'm not nearly interested enough nor patient enough to watch all the old videos that would interest me, especially because they come out with a few new videos every day. I'm only interested in a fraction of the videos, anyway, and so far I've only subscribed to MsMojo, not to the main channel. It's supposedly tailored more towards women's interests, I guess, but I'm a guy and I think its topics tend to be more interesting than WatchMojo's, usually. Maybe sometime I'll start subscribing to WatchMojo, as well, just to make sure I don't miss anything interesting. Or maybe I won't.

Anyway... the channels include lots of top 10 or top 20 lists, based on pretty much anything you can think of from pop culture. And there are other things they do besides such lists, but all of it is pretty much pop culture-related. And I don't really know what else to say. Watching some of these videos is just a vaguely fun way to occasionally spend ten or twenty minutes, especially if I'm drinking.

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