tek's rating: ½

Dr0ne, on YOMYOMF (YouTube)
Dust.tv; IMDb; Robert Glickert; YouTube

This 2012 series was presented by Dust in 2019.

I've linked here to the playlist on its original network, YOMYOMF instead of Dust. It's four episodes long (ranging from 6 to 11 minutes each), and the first one didn't interest me that much. It's about a humanoid drone called 237, made for war, that goes rogue. (Not super original.) The second episode is more interesting, as we see the same events from the perspective of 237's programmer, who has been sending it unauthorized commands. Eventually, the drone and the programmer meet up, but they're pursued by human soldiers. We learn that an order given to 237 by a commander (played by Lance Reddick) was illegal, and 237 has proof of that in its memory. That's pretty much all I want to say, but it's a decent enough series.

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