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Secret Invasion, on Disney+
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Caution: spoilers.

This is a six-episode miniseries, released in 2023 but set in 2026. For decades (ever since the events of "Captain Marvel", which was set in 1995), shape-shifting Skrulls have secretly been working with Nick Fury to keep humanity safe, while he tried to find a new home for them. The Skrulls are led by Talos, until a young Skrull named Gravik takes charge of a rebel faction of Skrulls who want to take over Earth and eliminate humankind. One of the Skrulls who work for Gravik is Talos's daughter, G'iah (pronounced like "Gaia", played by Emilia Clarke), but she actually turns out to be a double agent, working for her father on the side of humanity. There's also a Skrull named Varra, who is married to Fury, and in her human disguise uses the name Priscilla Davis. At the start of the series, Fury has been in space for quite awhile, but returns to Earth to deal with Gravik's secret invasion. Many Skrulls have taken over powerful positions around the world, disguised as humans who have been kidnapped, including Colonel James Rhodes. Another important character is an MI6 agent named Sonya Falsworth (Olivia Colman), who eventually works with Fury against Gravik's faction.

Well, a lot of stuff happens throughout the series, and I can't say I completely followed all of it, nor am I sure how much sense it all made. But I thought it was a reasonably interesting story, with significant implications for the future of the MCU. Humanity is ultimately saved by Fury and G'iah, the latter of whom gains super powers derived from the DNA of just about every hero in the MCU, as did Gravik. So those two had a major battle at the end of the series, which G'iah won. Meanwhile, Fury and Falsworth have a standoff with the Skrull who had replaced Rhodes, and get United States President Ritson to call off a nuclear strike against Skrulls that would have killed the kidnapped people who had been replaced, as well as starting a war with Russia. So it's good that that didn't happen, but then Ritson declared war on all Skrulls, including the ones who were actually on humanity's side. At the very end of the series, Fury returns to space, along with Varra, to mediate a deal with the Kree to take in the Skrulls. Which... sounds dicey, considering the Skrulls' history with the Kree, but I look forward to finding out how that goes, in some future movie or whatever. Also, G'iah accepts an offer to work with Falsworth, and I look forward to seeing what happens with that. And... I guess I don't know what else to say. It was all pretty complicated, but I liked it, more or less.

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