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Werewolf by Night, on Disney+
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This is based on comic books I've never read. It was released in October 2022, sort of as a Halloween special (though it has nothing to do with Halloween). It chiefly follows a man named Jack Russell, who is one of several monster hunters who gather following the death of a man named Ulysses Bloodstone. Ulysses possessed a powerful weapon called the bloodstone, and the hunters are all going to be competing to kill a monster in order to become the new owner of the bloodstone. Another one of the hunters is Ulysses's estranged daughter, Elsa. The other hunters are of little importance to the story, except that the competition's rules allow them to try to kill each other as well as the monster. The competition is overseen by Ulysses's widow (Elsa's stepmother), Verussa (Harriet Sansom Harris), who doesn't get along with Elsa. But Jack eventually teams up with Elsa.

Beyond that, I don't know what I can say that wouldn't be too spoilery. But I will say the special is in black & white, which is a nice touch, helps give it the atmosphere of a really old horror movie. (In October 2023, a colorized version was released, but I haven't watched that.) And there are actually two monsters in the special, both of whom are apparently the "good guys", while the monster hunters are portrayed as the bad guys. It makes me wonder how many of the monsters they've killed were actually innocent and how many were truly dangerous or evil. In any event, the special was certainly entertaining in a number of ways. And I look forward to seeing more MCU content in this vein.

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