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So, this started in August 2015 (and the first season ended in October). I first learned of its existence in January 2016, when Geek & Sundry did an article about it. It's about this guy named Wayne, who, in the first episode, gets mugged while on his way to a date with his girlfriend, who then breaks up with him. Later, while hanging out with his friend Chris (and getting totally drunk off of one and a half beers), he decides to become a superhero. This is problematic, as he is very weak (he kind of reminds me of Mr. Glass from Unbreakable). Chris thinks this is a bad idea. Chris's boyfriend Loren also thinks this is a bad idea. But Wayne is inexplicably determined. While still drunk and walking home, he interrupts an altercation between a woman named Rita and a gangster named Monroe O'Barr, and he tries to rescue her. He basically gets his ass kicked, but his intervention sort of helps, I guess. And Rita decides to help him train to become a superhero, as well as providing tech support for him. She also comes up with the superhero name "Watchdog" for him.

After one day of training, Watchdog goes out on patrol, and meets a vigilante called Virago ("V," for short). She works with another vigilante called the Silencer, and they've been trying to take down the gang that Monroe works for. Virago is totally pissed at this wannabe superhero interfering with her mission, but they kind of end up working together. And V and Silencer sort of begin training him (though he doesn't get much better). And the three of them end up fighting the mob. And eventually, Wayne and Rita sort of start dating. But also we learn that Monroe had a sort of noble reason for getting involved with the mob. And... I don't want to say how the season ends, but it's pretty dramatic.

Well, I can say that (aside from the rare drama), the show is really funny, particularly with pop culture references. (Kick-Ass and V for Vendetta are both referenced, quite appropriately.) And there's a tendency for different people to independently and coincidentally make the same quips, which I find amusing (maybe more than I should). And I really hope there'll be a second season, but I'm not sure if or when that might happen.

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