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(Rating for the channel collectively; some films I may like more or less than others.)

Bloody Cuts, on YouTube
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This is a YouTube channel that consists of some British horror short films.

Lock Up (3:35)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; YouTube

An office worker has to lock up late at night. And it turns out he's not alone. Yawn.

Stitches (5:31)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; YouTube

So this came out in 2011, but like all the other things on this page, I didn't see it until 2017. What makes it interesting to me is that it's got the same premise as a short film I saw in 2014 called The Clown and the Babysitter. And I'm not sure which film, if either, I thought was better. Yeah, probably they're about equally as good.

Prey (8:01)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; YouTube

This bloke wakes up in the morning, and there are flashbacks to the previous night, when he'd drugged a girl in a club and took her back to his place. This now turns out to have been a very bad idea. And I don't feel sorry for him in the slightest.

Mother Died (7:18)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; YouTube

A young woman deals with the deaths of her family during a zombie apocalypse. It's a fairly decent film, I guess.

Zombie Dating - Tim is hungry for love (2:26)

A zombie named Tim makes a dating service profile video. Eh.

Dead Dating - find your perfect demonic partner (2:48)

Some kind of freak named Victor makes a dating service profile video. Meh.

Suckablood (6:47)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; shortfil.ms; YouTube

This is a sort of storybook dark fairy tale, told by a narrator who rhymes. A girl named Tilly has a stepmother who invokes a curse, I guess, that some sort of bogeyman called Suckablood would come and slaughter the girl if she doesn't stop sucking her thumb. (I want to say the stepmother looks to me sort of like a motion-capture, uncanny valley type character.) The story has a twist ending, I guess, which is kind of good. I guess.

Dead Man's Lake (9:18)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; YouTube

A couple go on a trip to a lake... and inexplicably bring a friend along, which makes it rather hard for the couple to get amorous. (And their friend seems a bit... slow.) Eventually, a bloody man who can't speak intelligibly shows up and all three campers are terrified of him. But then there's a flashback which changes the whole perspective of the film in a tragic way. It really is a pretty decent film.

Death Scenes (7:08)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; YouTube

A police detective interrogates a creepy-looking man who is accused of murdering several people. There's a twist ending that's pretty cool.

Don't Move (13:56)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; Short of the Week; shortfil.ms; YouTube

In the aftermath of playing with a ouija board, a group of friends are trying to remain as still as possible. Apparently, they unwittingly summoned a demonic entity that hunts based on movement (rather like a T-rex in Jurassic Park). it's actually pretty creepy.

Dare (3:01)
IMDb; YouTube

The film is shown from the perspective of a girl who is apparently dared to make her way to the attic of a haunted house, and count to 100. (We don't actually see the girl until the end of the film, and the visual style is rather like a first person video game.) Along the way, she sees various creepy things. What she finds in the attic... and what she finds afterward... well, it's definitely unexpected and disturbing.

Machine Stopped Working (5:34)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; YouTube

It's apparently set in some kind of sci-fi dystopian battleground, or whatever. Other than that I have no idea what's going on or what any of it means.

The Outer Darkness - Part 1 (24:52)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; official site; YouTube; YouTube (Alter)

I guess this isn't so much a short film as it is the first installment in a planned webseries. However, part 1 came out in 2015, and by the time I first watched it in 2017, I see no indication of a second installment coming out. So I dunno what to think. Anyway, a woman named Jenny joins a support group led by a priest named Father Jonathan Crowe, for people who have experienced inexplicable things. Jenny shares a story of her and her family having taken part in a game of chance led by some sort of demon. They all want to get back the dead baby of Jenny and her husband, but the game requires very high wagers. And... after her story ends and the support group's meeting ends, we learn that Father Crowe is involved in something deeply disturbing. Anyway, it was all reasonably interesting, so I wouldn't mind seeing the story continued, but it also won't bother me if that never happens, I guess.

Edit: In 2019, this short film was re-released in three parts on Alter. I watched that in 2022, by which point I had no recollection of having seen it before. And there's still not any more to the series, I'm afraid.

Deathly Presents (5:50)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; shortfil.ms; YouTube

On Christmas Eve, a mother, father, and son gather in their living room, near the Christmas tree. Dad soon leaves to investigate some strange sounds, but then comes back, apparently having found nothing unusual. However, his wife and son were scared, and he tells his son he can open just one present tonight. Beyond that, I don't want to spoil what happens. It's scary, of course, but ultimately I didn't find the film all that interesting or memorable.

The Birch

The Cabinet in the Woods (5:04)
Bloody Cuts; IMDb; YouTube

This is a comedy horror short that I guess is extremely loosely inspired by the film The Cabin in the Woods. Like, really, there's no similarity except for the title. Anyway, these two guys are hiking through the woods, and come across an abandoned cabinet. What's inside is kind of freaky. And um... someone else finds something related to it. But... we really are given no idea what exactly happened or what any of it... well, here's where I'd normally ways "what any of it means," but in this case, I'm sure the writers didn't mean for it to mean anything. It's just a funny little film that's redonkulous for the sake of being redonkulous.

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