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Paranormal Solutions Inc., on Telus
IMDb; Sociable Films; YouTube

This series originally streamed on a Canadian service called Telus in 2016. In 2021, it was re-released by Alter, which is where I first saw it in 2023.

Each episode is introduced by a host named Genevieve Kreme (Emily Bett Rickards). It's about a team of mostly inept paranormal investigators led by a guy named Jared Sculder and his ex-wife, a medium named Sarah. Jared is still in love with her and wants to get back together, but Sarah is completely disinterested in him, and starts dating a guy named Dax. Aside from Jared and Sarah, the PSI team includes a cameraman named Mark, a wacky occult specialist named Madonna, a guy named Darryn, and a student named Olivia (who is only working for PSI for school credit, and can't stand the rest of the team). Different episodes involve a werewolf, a demon, a leprechaun, a sasquatch, a ghost, zombies, a kraken, and aliens. There are also a couple of police detectives named Murray Watts and Crystal Snider, who investigate the PSI team as possible murderers and scam artists.

I found the show mildly amusing and the characters reasonably interesting. And I liked the premise. There are just eight episodes (which Alter packaged into four videos), and the series ends on something of a cliffhanger, so I'm a bit disappointed that the series ended when it did. But not too disappointed, because I thought it was just kind of okay. I'd definitely watch more episodes if any were made, and I guess I'm glad to have seen the series as it stands. And... I don't really know else to say.

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