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Scary Endings, on YouTube
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This is a web anthology of horror short films, which started in 2015, though I didn't discover its existence until a few years or so later. (I didn't get around to watching the series until October 2019.) I thought some of the films were just sort of okay, but others were more interesting and/or creepy. Anyway, I'd say the series was worth watching, especially considering how short each episode is.

Season 1 (7/11/2015 - 5/29/2016)

We Always Come Back (3:07)
Dread Central; YouTube
A man is visited by his late wife and baby, who I guess return periodically. This time, they want him to go with them to the other side. The only really scary thing about the episode is how the wife's face changes at the end.

Voyeur (2:56)
Dread Central; YouTube
A couple on a romantic getaway are stalked.

The Babysitter & The Boogeyman (4:34)
Dread Central; YouTube
The kid a woman was babysitting says something about a scary man behind her, but neither she nor the kid's parents can see it. The woman goes home, and... I dunno what to say, except that while there does turn out to be a scary man, the ending is a bit more interesting than I expected. I guess.

Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol (5:17)
Dread Central; Halloween Short Films; Horrors of Halloween; YouTube
On Halloween, a woman is at home... handing out toothbrushes to trick-or-treaters. Though the only one we actually see is a kid in a werewolf costume, who sings a familiar Halloween song... though the lyrics aren't quite the normal version. Anyway... the kid ends up getting what he wants, eventually. (The woman is played by Miracle Laurie, whom I know from Dollhouse, though I'm afraid I didn't realize that while I was watching this short.)

Bounce House of Horror! (3:20)
Dread Central; YouTube
A couple of women are waiting around for their kids to get out of a bounce house... but it turns out neither of them have any idea where it came from. After that... things get seriously scary and weird in a way I don't want to spoil. But I will say the film has a fun sort of B-movie vibe about the nature of the horror.

He's Right Behind You (2:31)
A woman is home alone on a stormy night, when the power goes out. All she has for light is her phone, and the battery is nearly dead. And... there's an intruder somewhere in the apartment.

Smother Mother (5:41)
A man kills his mother, but her unseen spirit starts typing on her old typewriter. When his brother and his sister-in-law show up, he has to try to prevent them from seeing his mother's messages. But there is a twist ending.

U Get What U Deserve (3:30)
Dread Central; YouTube
This came out in March 2016, it is important to note, because Donald Trump wasn't yet President. But the short is set sometime during his administration, so it obviously foresaw him winning (though I have no idea whether the filmmakers actually believed that would happen). Anyway, a man breaks into a woman's house, and she uses what looks to me like a very unrealistically advanced phone/tablet thing, to call 911. The operator (voiced by Gates McFadden, though I didn't realize that while watching the film) instead of immediately sending help, determines the woman's wait time based on a morality scale that has been implemented under Trump. (It's absolutely ridiculous to me that Trump himself is the most immoral person I can imagine, and still gets to judge literally everyone else in the country, but that's beside the point, I suppose.) It's still a scary short, but more for the implications of such a society than for the fate of this one particular victim.

The Grinning Man (4:59)
Dread Central; YouTube
A man is housesitting for his aunt. He talks to his girlfriend (voiced by Dichen Lachman) on the phone just before arriving at the house and going to bed. He's later awakened by a phone call from someone at the front door, who speaks rather strangely. When he goes out to investigate, no one seems to be there... but the caller slips into the house unseen. Later, after going back to bed, he sees the Grinning Man (also known as Indrid Cold), and... well, I must say Cold looks pretty creepy, and there's much more that's creepy about him than his looks. I definitely found this short unsettling, and since it's said to be based on actual events, I did a search for Indrid Cold, and learned that he's a being from 1960s folklore, associated with the Mothman. (Or maybe he is the Mothman. I should rewatch "The Mothman Prophecies," because I don't remember anything about that movie.)

Welcome to the Circus (4:18)
Dread Central; YouTube
One stormy night, a woman is babysitting her young nephew, and playing with a jack-in-the-box with him. The second time she turns the crank... the clown doesn't pop out of the box. It's just gone. Soon, the woman finds herself chasing down balloons that have appeared out of nowhere, and eventually, of course, there's a real live creepy clown in the house. Yup, definitely a creepy film.

Season 2 (11/6/2016 - 6/8/2018)

The Nightmare (4:57)
Dread Central; YouTube
A woman has a dream about sleep paralysis, and being terrorized by a demon. It was pretty creepy, but also there are scenes where we see that she's asleep in bed next to her husband, who's awake and reading a book, and... I dunno. It's just different from other things I've seen about sleep paralysis, since it's clear that it's just a nightmare and not... you know, not something happening while you're sort of awake. Although the ending... yeah, I just don't know.

Santa Claus Is a Vampire (4:09)
Well... the title pretty much says it all. But it's definitely an entertaining short.

The Water Rises (4:39)
A newlywed couple get trapped in an elevator on a cruise ship, which suddenly begins to sink. The elevator quickly fills with water, and the wife tries to help her husband, who is stuck underwater. Nothing supernatural here, and no killers. Just realistic tragedy. Which is realistically horrifying.

Am I Beautiful? (5:20)
Um... a woman sees... a woman with facial scars in the mirror... who asks if she's beautiful. That... ends badly. Later, another woman sees the same scarred woman in the mirror, who asks the same question. And um... it ends differently this time, but still badly. It's a freaky short, and I don't really understand it, but... you know, it's horror.

There's Something Out There (2:54)
A woman hides in her car, stranded in the desert at night, while, you know, something is out there. What that something is, when we finally see it... well, I didn't have any idea what to expect, but this still wasn't something that I would have expected. It's creepy, but not... just not in the way I was expecting. But I wasn't disappointed.

Party Crasher (5:20)
Meh, I don't even want to try to describe the premise of this one.

Season 3 (12/3/2019 - ?)

Monster Breath (4:54)
So, a kid wakes up his dad at night to come check his room for a monster. And things get weird. That's all I can say without spoiling anything.

Jacob (5:37)
It begins with a woman named Nicole doing a sort of monologue about her house being diseased. Then one night she finds a slide projector in the attic. And things get creepy when she watches the slides.

Don't Let Her In (6:30)
A couple of guys are on a video call or whatever, when a woman they don't know wants to join their meeting. They let her in, and she basically promises to strip for them if they tell her a scary story. Then she tells a scary story of her own....

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