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Violet, on facebook / YouTube
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So, this is a webseries I discovered in 2017, on Crypt TV's facebook page. Four episodes came out in 2015:
Chapter One: Violet
Chapter Two: Auburn
Chapter Three: Rose
Chapter Four: Jade

In these episodes, a story begins to unfold about a teenage girl named Violet, who is apparently on a mission to kill people who abduct and hurt children. Or something. She meets a mysterious man named Dante, who is annoyed by her interference in his own investigations, though Violet has no idea what he's talking about. There seems to be something supernatural about both of them, and I'm assuming they're both controlled by some higher power. Chances are Dante knows more about this than Violet, but it's really unclear how much either of them knows. All that's certain is that they have very different methods.

Note: in 2019 I found the series on YouTube, and there are ten episodes, all uploaded in October 2018. So I'll try to watch the rest of the series sometime, and update my review.

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