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This is a page to list any webseries I've recently started or updated reviews of. They may be new series, or older things I've just been catching up on (since there's a lot of stuff I don't have access to when it first comes out, especially on subscription services that I don't subscribe to).

January 2020

1-18: Dust (initial entry)

December 2019

12-31: Into the Dark ("Pooka!")
12-24: The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show (special)
12-23: My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever webisodes

November 2019

11-28: Into the Dark ("Flesh & Blood")
11-15: Just Add Magic (season 3, part 2, episode 1)
11-11: Scary Endings (season 2)
11-9: Crypt TV ("Keep Out")

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