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Adult Wednesday Addams, on YouTube (but it has been removed from that site)
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So. Wednesday Addams was a young girl in the comic strip "The Addams Family," which was adapted into a TV series in the 1960s and a series of movies in the 1990s. I've never had a chance to read the comics, and I never got to know the character particularly well from the TV show, but I liked her very much in the movies. This webseries is completely unofficial and independent, the work of writer/actress/comedian Melissa Hunter. The six-episode first season debuted on YouTube in September-October 2013, but I first heard of it in February 2015, when the third episode of season two ("Wednesday vs. Catcallers") went viral. That was pretty awesome, so I decided to check out the whole series. (It didn't take long, since the episodes are all around 3 minutes long.) Unfortunately, after the second season, not only were there no more seasons, but the existing ones had to be removed from YouTube for copyright reasons.

Anyway... Hunter's depiction of Wednesday is spot-on, exactly what you would imagine the character to be like as an adult. I mean... the characterization is very much like the one from the movies, though the actual plots of the webseries are probably a bit more like the TV show. Wednesday is just this very macabre person, putting her own spin on ordinary situations like a job interview, babysitting, dating, going for a walk, etc. And I don't know what else to say. It's just some brilliantly dark humor, and I love it.

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